Webinar: Agile Management

4.00 pm
Zoom Web Meeting

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Creating a new (agile) work culture — How a small initiative changed perception

Boris Gloger, CEO borisgloger professionals GmbH
David Gezzele, Head of Learning & Development Erste Bank


CEOs of large cooperations like GE Appliance, Haier or Burtzorg and top executive organizational thinkers like Gary Hamel claim that we will see a change in the way our organizations will be structered and led. One current buzzword for this trend is” agile management”, the other one is “New Work”. In all talks about this new way of working is stated that we need to refocus our organizations by giving them back their purpose, we need install real customer centricity and we need to trust our people.


AND — most managers listen to this and do not react. Because they do not know how to change to this new way of working.


At Erste Bank four years ago a small initiative wanted to bring the idea of agile and new work into parts of the organization not by a big change initiative but by a small cost and time effective way and startet a Agile Leadership Program that was supposed to be not a change initiative. The promise was that by using some concepts and learning a different mindset, you will have more productive teams.


This short talk by David Gezelle, Erste Bank and Boris Gloger, borisgloger professionals, explain a bit about this approach and its tremendous success.



on Tuesday, November 17th 2020

4.00 – 5.00 pm