AmCham Austria – the voice of the global economy in Austria

As prime business locations, Austria and the US have more in common than might appear at first glance. For over 50 years now, the American Chamber of Commerce in Austria, or ‚AmCham Austria‘, has been bringing this perspective into clearer focus.

  • America and Austria – AmCham Austria is the link between the US and the Austrian economy
  • Members – At present, AmCham has approx. 350 members, 250 of whom are US companies
  • Cooperation and Communication – AmCham Austria is THE platform for constructive collaboration between Austrian and American companies
  • Help, Support and Service – Support and service for its members are a cornerstone of AmCham’s philosophy
  • Active – AmCham Austria actively represents the interests of its members, promoting their individual and common interests in the public sphere
  • Mission – AmCham Austria promotes Austria as an attractive business location for US companies


AmCham Austria – serving the Austro-American economies

AmCham Austria promotes the expansion and strengthening of trade and commerce relations between Austria and the US, and in doing so, it plays a dual role. Firstly, AmCham Austria assumes the role of an active lobbyist for US companies which have established branches in Austria and for Austrian companies that have commercial relations and interests in the United States. Secondly, AmCham promotes new business relationships of American companies in Austria and vice versa.

Core areas of AmCham’s mission

  • Securing Austria’s attractiveness as a business location: AmCham Austria’s concern is to promote Austria’s reputation as an attractive business location. In its work, it aims to prompt political decision-makers to again take a closer look at the issue of location policy.
  • Education and taxes: To ensure that Austria remains attractive as a business location, AmCham Austria also pursues relevant measures in the realm of education and tax policy.
  • Free, global, in common: AmCham Austria is committed to free trade, global cooperation and growth in common.
  • Eradicating prejudice: US companies that are active on a global scale very often are confronted with unfair prejudices. American companies have a „hire & fire“ mentality, they make staff cuts to improve their share price or select business locations purely on the basis of cost – these are only a few of the examples one often hears in connection with US companies. However, Austria’s image, too, is often cast in a distorted light in other parts of the world. The reality is different. For this reason, AmCham Austria has set itself the particular task in this area of providing information and raising awareness.
  • Innovation: In economically troubled times such as those we are currently experiencing and – presumably – will continue to see for some time to come, the United States and Europe (and Austria) are faced with similar challenges. The only way to meet these challenges is to make a commitment to innovation and renewal of outdated structures. Many US companies have a successful history of innovation and a broad base of know-how. AmCham members are able to take advantage of their experience.

Established in 1960, AmCham Austria serves as the official representative of the Austro-American business community. As a non-profit organization AmCham Austria is independent and nonpolitical. AmCham Austria is part of the global AmCham network present in more than 100 countries and headquartered in Washington D.C.


»AmCham is a special connection to American companies who use Austria as a base for developing the central European market. They use our services in order to be successful and to benefit Austria as a prime business location.«Dr. Johannes Attems, Österreichische Kontrollbank